The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Pin the tail on the jackass

Matt Laconte

November 20, 2003

Nine jackasses and only one tail, I have to admit that it is a tough choice. So maybe this term is a bit harsh, but I at least have Ted Kennedy to point my finger and switch the blame on if you choose to care. Today I just really...

Dropping bombs on Dean

Matt Laconte

November 6, 2003

I have found that one of the best ways to find out what party heads really want is to check the media. This seems to be true among the Democrats more so, because they have more liberal outlets on TV for sending out their press...

U.N. starts World War III

Matt Laconte

October 23, 2003

I have heard about WW III since I was old enough to hear. This was before the team of Regan and Herbert Bush had even cracked communism, and the sentiment was that it would result from Russian ICBM that would result in a spiraling...

Who’s your keeper?

Matt Laconte

October 16, 2003

After reading last week's Chronicle I just had to respond to Emily Sherman's bleeding heart opinion on the current state of gun control in the US. First I would clarify the United States Constitution for everyone, as the second...

Democratic Mouse Trap

Matt Laconte

October 9, 2003

Quiz question of the day: What percentage of GDP is the $20 billion the liberals are now asking the Iraqis to pay off as a bond, or leverage with taxes? A) 2.48, B) 1.98, C) 5.47, or D) 10.21. The correct answer is B. This $20...

Current economy: do not blame Bush

Matt Laconte

September 25, 2003

I heard someone on "Hannity and Colmes" say to Sean Hannity, "you're not still blaming the recession on Clinton are you?" He did not respond only because he knew that it would open a can of worms and take the focus off of the...