U.N. starts World War III

Matt Laconte

I have heard about WW III since I was old enough to hear. This was before the team of Regan and Herbert Bush had even cracked communism, and the sentiment was that it would result from Russian ICBM that would result in a spiraling nuke party. Well, these days the idea of WW III is not out of mind, but people really do wonder which country actually has the balls to detonate a nuclear or massive chemical bomb. My answer is: none.

It would obviously be suicide. But it will be supported by a rogue country that has alternative political agendas in the world scale, and dropped by a discreet group with nothing to lose.

I’m willing to guess that if it is not used directly on the United States, it will somehow be used to hurt our country.

No one or group will take credit, and the whole world minus France, Germany, and Russia, will be looking for someone to bomb. My advice is to empty the corrupt U.N. buildings of all the people and then bomb these edifices. Corrupt I say?

Alger Hiss the Soviet spy working for Truman was only the secretary general of the conference that drafted the U.N. Charter*. The U.N. will be the one that allowed the countries to build the necessary programs while they did nothing.

We have now found 2 dozen weapons programs that fell under the eagle eyes (that was a joke) of the U.N. The U.N.’s enforcing tactics on its weapons policy is disturbing. These U.N. violations prove that it has a completely inept ability to enforce the rules it likes to set.

Let’s use the Iraqi example but pretend it was the F.B.I. hunting down a drug dealer.

FBI: “Do you have drugs”

Criminal: “No”

FBI: “Let us search your house”

Criminal: “Fine but you can’t go in the basement”

FBI: “Ok”

(after this happens 15 times or so in 10 years the FBI decides to get tough)

FBI: “I really want to see your entire house. You have to”

Criminal: “Fine but you have to tell me when you are coming”

FBI: “Ok”

Is it really that hard to see that the in the 12 years that the U.N. tried to enforce disarmament all they did was allow further development. On top of this, the U.S. was taped down in 8 months of becoming politically correct with this extremely corrupt governing unit. In which time Saddam could have, and probably did have a “Swap Me” sale to the likes of all kinds of wonderful individuals. That is why all we can find is the skeletons of programs. It was our war and the threat of it which caused these programs to stop. So bring your flowers, peace signs, and worthless enforcement agencies to the terrorists, and I’ll bring my gun.

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*taken from Treason by Ann Coulter on page 27