Who’s your keeper?

Matt Laconte

After reading last week’s Chronicle I just had to respond to Emily Sherman’s bleeding heart opinion on the current state of gun control in the US.

First I would clarify the United States Constitution for everyone, as the second amendment is very commonly misunderstood, it has nothing to do with the protection of citizens from other citizens.

The second amendment is there to protect people from the government. It was made so that if the current government ever blockades freedom, the citizens have the power to raise arms and ensure the freedom of this land.

In terms of the terrible story that was given in Maryland where a 4 year old gained access to her father’s gun and shot her sibling, that has nothing to do with the government.

I was once almost the victim of an accidental gunshot. When I was about 12 years old my friend brought out his father’s gun. He proceeded to empty the clip, and point the gun to my head.

Now any of you who have used a gun before know that there is still a bullet in the chamber when you empty the clip. So he changed the aim of the gun from my head to the floor and shot the gun.

The bullet went right through the floor of his house. It was a very scary incident, but at no time did I ever try blame the government for it.

This comes down to the biblical story of Cain and Able under the pretenses of “Am I my brother’s keeper?” I ask you Emily, who is your keeper? You have some idiot father who would leave a loaded gun in the reach of a 4 year old, and you blame the government?

You have got to be kidding me. How much of your life do you want the government to control? How about you allow it to tell you what to wear, what to say, and what to do.

In last weeks Chronicle Blair Reeves said, “Low income Americans suffer from miserable minimum wage, lack of safe or affordable housing, unattainable insurance, dysfunctional and under-funded schools, urban poor minority mortality rates…”

I’ve got a suggestion for the both of you, you can start a Quinnipiac Socialist Club. In this club you can talk about how you should eliminate the lower class, and total government control in every aspect of your life.

Personally, I value my freedom a bit more than that. I really can’t understand how some people have no personal accountability, and like to blame everything on the government.

I like to believe that people control the events around them, and should be responsible for what they do.

Owning a gun is a responsibility, and people themselves have to understand this.

It is not the government’s job to tell a man that he cannot have a gun to protect his family; rather it is the man’s (or woman’s) responsibility to put that gun in a safe place.

This country was founded on unfettered freedom, and the more restrictions that governments place on their people, the less freedom UScitizens have.

In closing I would like to inform people that “Without set laws on gun control…” is a false statement and I welcome you to look at http://thomas.loc.gov/home/textonly.html#gun where there is a list of the gun control laws that have been passed.

Please remember, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.