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    Democratic Mouse Trap

    Quiz question of the day: What percentage of GDP is the $20 billion the liberals are now asking the Iraqis to pay off as a bond, or leverage with taxes? A) 2.48, B) 1.98, C) 5.47, or D) 10.21.

    The correct answer is B. This $20 billion is the amount of the $87 billion that is planned to end up in Iraq, as infrastructure improvements to get their democracy up and running.

    As we all well know, the Democrats are well on in their planning phase to try to get a grasp on the White House and here is this week’s plan to empower the Democrats.

    The idea of issuing them a bond is ludicrous. You cannot take over a country and then tell them that they have to finance it just as they have descended into chaos (a phase in all governmental change.)

    I understand that they will receive in the realm of $50-60 billion a year in oil revenues once it is operating at a maximum but this has nothing to do with the fact that we put them in this position.

    In addition they still have more than $70 billion to pay off to other Middle Eastern countries that they owe from the past leadership. This money has to be paid in order to gain relations with their neighbors. Why do the Democrats want this? They want to pin George Bush with the fact that he went into a war that he couldn’t finance.

    They are bringing this to the table to set up George W. only to use it against him later. This is how these people work. This is exactly like the Democratic Senator from Illinois who forced Joe McCarthy to make public the names of possible spies, only to SLAM him for the next forty or fifty years for doing so. Same stuff different day. This is the first of a three pronged attack they are operating for the future election.

    Number two deals with repealing some of the taxes that were cut. The Democrats are in a huge quandary about how they are going to tell the American people that they have to raise taxes to fund healthcare programs that are reaching the $400 billion mark.

    If some of the taxes are repealed they will use this by saying something to the effect of “I am going to be honest to the American people and tell them that we are going to have to sacrifice a bit, for a healthier nation. All the past two Bush’s have given us is a ‘Read my lips no new taxes’ and a failed ‘Economic Stimulus Package’ that we Americans couldn’t afford.”

    The Democratic mouse trap has been set ladies and gentlemen. They need these tax reinstatements to gain leverage on the imminent Democratic tax hikes that will eventually have to be addressed.

    But they want this for one more reason as well. Associated Press reports are estimating 5% growth in the coming quarter, proof that the tax cuts are working.

    The Democrats need to do everything they can to slow the economy, because they are dead in the water if these numbers come true. Prong three is where the damned if you do damned if you don’t, catch 22 comes in.

    If none of these actions are taken, the Democrats will respond with “we offered alternatives to the overspending situation while the White House was writing checks they couldn’t afford.”

    We can afford this spending, and while it would be great to find a way to pay this off, issuing a bond would be irresponsible, and raising taxes would hamper a quickly recovering economy.

    Keep in mind that our country is moving in the right direction and soon enough we laugh off these contenders when George Bush is elected in 2004.

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