Dropping bombs on Dean

Matt Laconte

I have found that one of the best ways to find out what party heads really want is to check the media. This seems to be true among the Democrats more so, because they have more liberal outlets on TV for sending out their press notes that usually can get echoed in the mainstream press. So my question is, what is with the Dean killers and their constant pleas to pin him as arrogant?

And secondly, who is doing it? Just to fill everyone in, since Howard Dean has entered, and gained great momentum in the Democratic primaries (been a few months now), the issue of his arrogance has been well publicized.

As this first came out, people were waiting to see if it would show when he was provoked in debate, or got frustrated with some issues dealing with his campaign.

Now even after all of the debates and such, the news anchors and analysts are trying to find out where he was arrogant and where he wasn’t. I’ve got some news for these people.

He isn’t and hasn’t been arrogant his whole campaign. I would never venture to say that I am by any means a Howard Dean supporter, and I think that there are many other issues to combat him on if that is your fancy. Keeping this in mind, he is not the most inclusive character I have ever seen, but in my opinion John Edwards has the most inclusive speaker and look what it is doing for him.

People give off certain types of personas when they speak publicly, and although Dean has more of a “talking down to the people” attitude (this phrase can jointly be referred to as “take my word and I will lead” depending on your point of view), this is only his style. It is a stylistic feature that has been held by many politicians, and has worked for many politicians.

He could take his chin out of his neck a bit when he speaks which annoys me personally, but I’m sick of these speculative attacks on which no one can really put a finger on right now.

Take him on on the issues! I have no factual knowledge on who is giving these press notes out, but I can limit it down to either John Kerry, disgruntled old school Dems, or a little bit of both (which I seem to think is the best answer). John Kerry has been the other candidate that has had some issues with the whole arrogance thing, but this has not been discussed nearly as much, or as intense as that of Howard Dean.

There may be a reason for that, and it could have been that Kerry needed to ease his anticipated crunch for this issue by transferring it on to the leader of the pack.

He might have had some influence in this, but I think it came from is some of the Democrat old schoolers.

There is tension in the Democratic Party on exactly how to win elections after the massacre of 2002 where the Republicans gained control of the House and the Senate.

There has been a divide in what is being called the New Democrats (guys like Howard Dean) and the Old Democrats (the Gephardts and Daschles of the world) and you really can feel the rigidity of this party that is on the defense and looking for a rebound.

If they want to solidify this rebound, all polls are pointing to the fact that Dean just doesn’t hold up as well as some of the other candidates to George Bush.

This has been evident for a while now and people are looking to get him behind other, and in their opinion, more viable candidates. Keep your eyes open for subtle attacks on Dean from unusual places by the Democrat big wigs that aren’t even running. There are more to come.