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Amy Bonfiglio- Columnist

December 6, 2001

We've talked about pick up lines, the first kiss, and even the walk of shame but one very important aspect of lustful boy/girl relationships has been left out- foreplay. First of all who came up with this title? Is making out...

Is this a joke?

Amy Bonfiglio- Columnist

October 4, 2001

Sex is a profound word that hold love, lust and humor within its three little letters. Yet, in the modern world sex is not the conjugating of love between two people, it is cheap porno flicks, lewd strip clubs and the punch line...

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Amy Bonfiglio- Columnist

September 20, 2001

n Sept. 11, 2001, the world was faced with tragedy and a clear change. New York was destroyed, but our hearts and memories were not. Everyday we are blessed with new individuals that enter our lives, but do we take the time...

Pull up a stool to the bar of life

Amy Bonfiglio- Columnist

September 7, 2001

For years men and women have crowded the local pubs with the hope of going home with some stranger's phone number after sharing a few cocktails. How is it, that a glass full of fermented grain can draw people closer? Are we...