Sigma Gamma Rho wigs up for breast cancer

Amy Maciejowski

Hidden under his suit jacket, junior Sean Kelleher wore a wristband that explained why he attended the Wig Party on Saturday night.

“My aunt died of breast cancer a few months ago, so I am rather interested in the subject myself,” Kelleher said. “If students were to come to this event they would understand that breast cancer affected people that they knew quite closely, then they might be more compassionate toward one another.”

Members of the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. held the breast cancer awareness Wig Party in an effort to increase awareness and support of breast cancer.

“Women lose their hair and they often have to wear wigs or scarves to cope with the situation,” senior co-chair of the event Shantia Smith said. “So I was like ‘Why don’t we have a party where everyone has to wear wigs?’ The idea of the party was just to have fun and to turn it into a program that can help people, while still having a good time. So it’s a party with a cause.”

The event was similar to a high school dance party–complete with a deejay. Chartwells participated by donating dinner that was served to all guests.

“I believe it is going to a really good cause in order to help support women who have lost their hair because of the effects of chemo,” junior attendee Tashell Thompson said. “It is a really great thing because typically hair is supposed to be a women’s pride and joy and it’s a great way to say ‘we are supporting you and we will help you in any way we can.’”

Tickets for the event were sold in advance for $10 or at the door for $15. Proceeds went to the Making Strides Foundation as part of Sigma Gamma Rho’s national initiatives to support the Hattie McDaniel Cancer Awareness and Health Program.