New Haven ups police presence after shootout

Catherine Boudreau

In response to recent downtown violence, New Haven police and fire departments increased their presence this weekend to ensure public safety. These measure come in the wake of a shootout outside of the Static nightclub on Saturday.

New Haven will see many more policemen including walking beats and plainclothes officers, according to Officer Joseph Avery, director of Neighborhood Services and Media Relations. They will pay attention to side streets and parking lots where violence seems to migrate.

Roughly 40 officers will patrol the entertainment district on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, compared to the usual 10 officers.

“Over the next several weeks we’ll apply increased presence towards traffic, underage drinking, public loitering and other illicit activity…in a very aggressive fashion,” Mayor John DeStefano Jr. said in a press conference held on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

Members of the fire marshal’s office will be conducting capacity inspections where they will pop in and out of nightclubs throughout the weekend, Avery said.

Increased police and fire activity comes after Saturday’s gunfight. On Aug. 14, a homicide occurred behind the Gotham Citi club. Last year, the club Synergy closed after a stabbing on the dance floor.