Students embrace intramurals

Brian Gravel

Quinnipiac University’s intramural athletics program is by far one of, if not the most popular extracurricular activity on campus. With sports ranging from bowling and football to ultimate Frisbee, the intramural program has grown in great numbers, especially over the past year. These are many factors that have attributed to the growth of the program, according to Intramural Director, Bill Merrill.
Merrill has been in charge of the intramural program since the 1978 and has seen the changes and growth first hand. “The two big factors that have made the intramural program so successful are the increase in student body population and the installment of three divisions of play to accommodate players of all skill levels,” Merill said. The three levels range from Division III for average players, Division II for above average players, and Division I for players with high skill. Merrill went on to say that, “Without the divisional play, kids were getting discouraged because their team of limited skill was getting crushed by teams who have been playing their respective sports for their whole lives.
The installment of three division has created more parity throughout the leagues which in turn has attracted more participants.”
The increase of participants from last semester, fall 2000, and fall 1999 nearly doubled in numbers. The program increased by 43 percent with an amazing 1,631 participants compared to 932 in fall of 1999. In fall 2000 the intramurals program had 180 teams and scheduled 635 games. There were 24 football teams, 36 basketball teams, 31 tennis teams, 10 ultimate Frisbee teams, seven field hockey teams, 30 soccer teams and 42 volleyball teams in male, female and co-ed divisions.
Students enjoying the intramural program included undergraduates, graduates and law students of all ages. “Intramurals is a great program that provides an opportunity for people of all different athletic abilities to get involved and have fun,” said Ben McIntyre who is a student supervisor for the intramural program under Bill Merrill.
Heidi Fontaine, who also is a student that works for the intramural program added, ” A lot more work goes into the intramural program than people realize. The leagues are very organized and well run,” he said.
Ryan Errico is another student who has been working with Bill Merrill and the intramural program since freshman year. Errico stressed the importance of intramurals to the school community. “Intramurals is a way kids can get a break from the classroom and work and enjoy themselves. It is a good way to meet new people and spend time with friends as well,” said Errico. The intramurals staff is very proud of their program’s growth and expect to see it continue in the future.
To find out more about intramurals check the bulletin boards at the Rec Center or go online to and check out the intrsmurals section.