Moving day countdown:


At Least One Month Before The Move:

* Clean out your closets, attic, basement, cupboards and bookshelves. Discard anything you don’t want or need.
* Create a “Move” file to store receipts and records, and keep it handy.
* Contact moving companies and truck rental companies for estimates and moving assistance information. Reserve a truck well in advance, as the trucks are often booked for key move weekends.
* Consider getting renter’s insurance.
* Check into storage options, if necessary.
* Make a complete inventory of items to be moved.
* Notify your post office, credit card company, publications, and correspondents of change of address and date of move.
* Start collecting boxes and packing materials.
* Cancel any monthly services. This may require at least 30 days notice, or you will be billed for an extra month.
* Start packing, and remember to LABEL YOUR BOXES to help you unpack with greater ease.

At Least Two Weeks Before The Move:

* Make sure you have returned all rented videos and library books at your old home.
* Advise utility companies in your new location when to start new services.
* Check new driver’s license and auto registration requirements.
* Arrange for the transfer of valuables.
* Give forwarding addresses to those who need them.
* Service your car, especially if you are driving to your new home.
* If your are moving to or from a high rise, you may need to reserve an elevator for moving day.

One Week Before The Move:

* Confirm your travel plans, including hotels, flights, etc.
* Back up your computer files before taking apart your system and packing it.
* Keep a detailed record and receipts of your moving expenses for income-tax purposes. This includes transportation, lodging, meals, etc.
* Put linens and pillows in the dresser drawers to have handy for making up your beds the first night in your new home.
* Prepare a “ready box” for last-on and first-off the van. This might include essentials from your kitchen and bathroom. You may wish to include a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers and nails.
* Prepare a “ready box” with all necessary medications and first aid supplies.

Day Before The Move:

* Start to pack the van or truck transporting your valuables. Pack heavier items toward the front.
* Pack any valuables you intend to take with you.
* Make sure fragile items receive special attention.
* Notify a close friend or relative of your itinerary in case of emergency.

Day Of Move-Out:

* Load items you are taking with you on the trip.
* Do a final walk-through and search every room before the van leaves.

Day Of Move-In:

* Contact utility companies to verify start dates.
* Check appliances, furnace, and hot-water heater. Contact a repair service if something is not working.
* Check the condition of each carton and household item as it is unloaded.
* Ask mail carrier if he or she is holding any mail for your arrival.

After You’re Settled:

* Meet your neighbors!
* Obtain necessary licenses: driver’s, dog, etc.
* Register car at new address (usually there is a penalty if you wait too long).
* Contact newspapers, dairy, etc., for home delivery.
* Register to vote.
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