Speaking from experience…

Ela Felcyn

We asked some seniors a vital question: “If you could give one piece of advice to juniors moving off campus next year, what would it be?”

“(Laughter) Carpool.”
-Regina Osofsky, senior occupational therapy major

“Buy in bulk. Join Costco.”
-Kirsten Asrican, senior biology major

“Choose roommates wisely, begin looking for housing early, and make sure you are a girl.”
-Geoff Moulton, senior biology major

“Don’t allow landlords to take advantage of you. Keep in mind the commitment to maintenance of renting a house as compared to that of an apartment.”
-Steve DeGennaro, senior physical therapy major

“Start looking now, and try Salvation Army for furniture.”
-Erika Van Den Beldt, senior health science major

“Be prepared to stalk commuters to their cars.”
-Tim Donovan, senior mass communications major

“Don’t let anyone stay at your house and call 900 numbers on your phone bill.”
-Jill Pluta, senior psychology major

“Be flexible.”
-Allison Jones, senior occupational therapy major

“Take the trash out so the apartment doesn’t smell.”
-Jessica Quinn, senior business major

A final piece of advice, echoed by all students that were interviewed, is START LOOKING NOW!