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Stop watching the personal lives of celebrities

Shavonne Chin

With the rise of social media platforms, the personal lives of celebrities are constantly exposed. Whether it be the divorce of two well-known actors or a singer stealing someone else’s husband, artists no longer have private lives.

Putting celebrities on pedestals doesn’t do anyone any good. If they’re expected to be perfect, the second they make one wrong move, everyone will turn on them, especially when their personal lives are constantly dissected and put on blast by sources all over the internet.

Besides stopping the fixation on their lives, separating the art from the artist is incredibly important. Even if a musician involves their personal life in their work, it shouldn’t take away from the fact that they’ve made a good song. Similarly, an actor not being the greatest person doesn’t diminish their talent.

Over the past few months, rumors have swirled around the relationship between musician Ariana Grande and actor Ethan Slater.

They met on the set of the movie adaptation of “Wicked” in late 2022, and Grande has since been accused of breaking up his family.

Slater was previously married to and had a child with Lilly Jay. Even with stories and rumors about Grande supposedly being a homewrecker plastered all over social media, no one really knows if anything is true.

Everyone that’s bashing Grande is also bashing her fans, even if they casually listen to her music. She’s been called a homewrecker and her fans have been called “embarrassing” for continuing to support her.

Grande has been popular since her “Victorious” days, and just because she possibly ruined a family doesn’t mean her fans are going to stop listening to her music altogether. A lot of her fans are casual listeners, so why should they be considered bad people just because they don’t want to stop enjoying her work?

Even if the whole story turns out to be true, Grande doesn’t care that others think she’s a bad person. She’s a multimillionaire with thousands of loyal fans who will continue to stream her music. Her new single “yes, and?” already has over 160 million streams and she has an album coming out in May. No matter how many people dislike and spread rumors about her, she’ll still be successful. 

Popular celebrities are always being put on a pedestal and are expected to be perfect. 

Artists like Taylor Swift are constantly worshiped and expected to do no wrong, so it’ll only make it worse when they do make a mistake. As well as Swift’s relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce constantly being addressed in the media, interviewers ask the pair personal questions and invade their privacy. Swift’s private life is being exposed, which gives haters more ammunition to use against her.

Ripping apart the personal lives of celebrities to get people to stop following them doesn’t do anything. Calling out artists and claiming they are bad people won’t stop everyone from supporting them.

Ariana Grande might not be the greatest person, but when the music is good, you just have to put the rumors aside and say, “yes, and?”

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