Celebrity V-Day


“Derek Jeter, no reason needed,” Michelle Morganthaler, sophomore, Athletic Training major
“Drew Barrymore, she stole my heart ever since E.T. and she makes a great angel,” Kevin Johns, senior, International Business and Marketing major
“Steven Tyler, “I’m “crazy” for him,” Jen Hutton, junior, political science and legal studies major.
“Jenny McCarthy, we share the same birthday and it would be fun to hang out with someone who is down to earth, fun and good looking.” Tanner Church, sophomore, Mass communications major.
“Sean Connery because he’s hot,” Tracey Burke, senior OT major.
“Richard Gere, his performance won me over in Pretty Woman,” Michelle Emery, senior OT major.
“Britney Spears, she is ridiculously hot and our age.” Thomas Fortunato junior, Mass communications major.
“Alyssa Milano!”- Boulee Lim, junior management major
“Tom Hanks, because he knows how to treat a girl and he would be romantic” Danielle Beradi, senior Business Management major. “Heather Graham, because if she were a president, she would be Baberaham Lincoln.” Kevin Regan, senior, Marketing major.
“Jason Newsted of Metallica, he would take me to Italy and an empty candlelight coliseum were he would give me three flowers, one would say Be, the second My, and the third Valentine, and he would play a song for me” Melissa Dudra, freshmen, Business major
Who would you PICK?