Package system to launch over break

Meghan Parmentier

The new package tracking system, which will use e-mail notification instead of paper squares that are currently placed in mailboxes, will go live March 8, the first day of Spring Break. It was supposed to have been implemented earlier this semester.

Peter DiDomenico, manager of printed matter processing, says the timing is coincidental, but the break will be spent giving the staff an opportunity to become accustomed to the system while the mail volume is relatively low.

“When the students return from their Spring Break, the focus can be placed on bringing the student staff up to speed and handling the student customer response,” DiDomenico said.

He advises the Quinnipiac community to make sure their e-mail accounts are not over their storage limits so as not to interfere with e-mail notification of packages. E-mail notices for the package tracking system will come from the “QUPackageAlerts” account.

According to DiDomenico, packages will not be available for pickup any sooner with the new system. The e-mail notifications will be sent at the same time a package is entered into the system and will state the time at which the package will be available to be claimed. The method of notification will be more rapid but the Copy/Mail Center and campus post office will still require the same amount of time to process the entire community’s volume and transport.

The new system displaces the act of signing for a package with pen and paper. Swiping the recipient’s Q-Card will be the only method of documenting who claimed a package. Therefore, alternative forms of photo identification will no longer be acceptable.