My convenient laptop job

Stephanie Osmanski

In recently noticing a significant depletion in my financial situation, my first response was to whine to my parents. As I begged them to deposit another couple hundred dollars into my lowly bank account, all the while proclaiming the difficulties of money management as a college student, I wondered how much more fulfilling I would feel if I could earn the money myself.

And after doing some research, I have managed to work on campus without actually working on campus. From the comfort of my own dorm room, I make money… legally. As a Mark makeup representative, I control, manage and promote my own online store as part of Mark’s products. There is an initial fee of $20, which covers the cost of the starter kit. After purchasing the starter kit, Mark provides its new representatives with three easy steps: learning to navigate and understand Mark products, setting up an online eBoutique, and promoting representation.

I am able to personalize my Web site, choosing which products deserve the home page spot (Currently, I love Mark’s new plaid tunics, so that’s what currently resides on the front page.) There is an “About Me” link, complete with my picture, contact information and a greeting message to my shoppers. I can change and manage my boutique at any given time.

Social networking is perhaps the most crucial part of having an online store. It is not safe to say that thousands of people will just happen to stumble upon my site, instantly making it popular. It takes networking.

Therefore, I put my link, information and event invitations to shop on my page on Facebook so they get picked up on my friends’ newsfeeds.

However, the Internet is not the only factor that plays a role in product promotion. The old-fashioned way (word-of-mouth) 0requires me to buy some of the products myself, so I can suggest shopping at my online store when others compliment me and ask, “Where did you get those earrings?”

With a direct deposit system, making money online is incredibly convenient and easy. Managing my online store also has very malleable time constraints; it is not overly time-consuming, and I can log on at my own leisure.