SGA fills two empty spots

Glenn Taylor

The Quinnipiac Student Government Association held a Special Election on Wednesday, Feb. 17, to fill two of its vacant representative spots. Nicole Hurst was elected Freshman Class Representative and Ashley-Rose Sherman was elected Junior Class Representative. Both Hurst and Sherman ran unopposed.

Each member had a three-minute opening statement, a five-minute question-and-answer session, and a two-minute conclusion to state their case for why they qualified for the position. When one candidate presented, the other had to step out of the room.

Hurst, a marketing major, believed that her election would be a mutual benefit to all parties.

“I feel that I’d be a positive contribution to the Student Government Association because I am very goal-oriented and determined, and also passionate in all that I do,” Hurst said. “Being a business major, I feel that this will really help me to enhance my teamwork skills and also my leadership skills. I’m not afraid to speak to students and hear out their concerns and opinions.”

Sherman, a psychology major, said in her statement how she had been looking to get more out of the college experience.

“This week, I’ve been living a dream of a freshman theme, because when I came to Quinnipiac, I’ve always wanted to be on SGA,” Sherman said. “This year I’ve found the time and opportunity to finally be a part of it. The support I have been receiving from a variety of different members has made me more excited and more confident to begin my possible goal as an SGA member.”

The voting process was entirely confidential, as only the SGA members casting their ballots were permitted in the room. SGA president Louis Venturelli conducted the election.

After the voting period was over, Hurst and Sherman were officially sworn in as representatives. Both of them are part of the Public Relations Committee.

There is still one Junior Class Representative position that is presently vacant. The date of the next Special Election for this position has yet to be determined.