Meet the candidates: Vice President for Marketing & Public Relations

Staff Reports

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of SGA” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Olamide Gbotosho

Sophomore • Business management & advertising major • VP of  sophomore class

My name is Olamide “Olam-me-day” and I am a sophomore business management and advertising double major from Westchester, NY. I am running for the position of VP for Marketing and PR because there are many initiatives that SGA does that the student body is not aware of that deserve to be recognized. I am the most qualified candidate because not only does it incorporate my major, but it’s a position that I can take an innovative approach to. I want to make SGA more personal, transparent and interact with students all year round rather than just during election season.

Campaign platform

  • Transparency – Transparency increases the students’ trust in SGA and creates a better relationship with us and the students 
  •  Dependability – In order for students to depend on us, they need to constantly be aware of what we are working on and how we are advocating for them. 
  •  SGA Presence – Instead of us as SGA trying to bring students to us, we should instead go out to the students. Having increased awareness and presence on campus is important to not only make a personal relationship with the student body, but also make the students comfortable talking to us.

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of SGA” align=”alignright” width=”228″][/media-credit]Jamien Jean-Baptise

Sophomore • Behavioral Neuroscience major • Sophomore Class Senator

Throughout my campaign, I have identified myself as the unconventional candidate. I am the candidate who is willing to think outside the box and market things in a creative way to get my message across to the students. If you haven’t had the chance yet, search “The Election Mixtape” on your designated music streaming service. It is an album detailing why I would be the best candidate for a position like this verbatim. On election day, make an educated choice and vote for the creative voice. 

Campaign platform

  • Creative marketing: We attend a university where the culture leans towards students who don’t want to do be informed or get involved. Students get too many emails on any given day and the residential buildings are littered with flyers and posters. We need new creative ways of getting messages out to the students besides flyers and emails.
  • My job as a senator doesn’t end: The pursuit of initiatives to better the student body should not end once a senator gets elected into the executive board. I ran for student government my freshman year to make a difference at the school and my stance won’t change no matter what position or title I am given.
  • SGA approachability: Our best ideas come from the students but if the students don’t find us approachable, our initiative ideas become extremely limited. I would like to host events with free food and giveaways inside the suite once a month to bring in more students and gauge their ideas for initiatives.
  • Better have that same energy: During campaigning week you see fewer people in the SGA suite and that’s because you can’t win a contested election by sitting in a suite all week. After being elected, we go back to the suite and wait for the students to come to us with their problems again until the next election. This is a vicious cycle that I refuse to fall victim to. The same energy I have during campaigning will be the same energy I have all year long.