Hamden police officer under investigation for ‘concerning’ body camera video

Christina Popik

[media-credit id=2117 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Hamden Police Officer Andrew Lipford is under fire after a body cam video reveals what appears to be Lipford displaying misconduct towards a man he tried to pull over in February 2018. Town officials have responded by initiating an internal investigation.

The incident began when Lipford tried to pull over driver Victor Medina, who allegedly fled. Police say Medina led them on a chase, ending in his driveway, according to a WTNH News 8 article. Once there, Lipford aggressively threatened to involve Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and to shoot him if he didn’t comply with police orders, according to the same article.

Hamden Police Chief John Cappiello told WTNH News 8 he is “initiating an internal investigation into this incident,” specifically referring to the “concerning” ICE comment and shooting threat in the video.  

Hamden Mayor Curt B. Leng released an official statement on the Town of Hamden Facebook page on Wednesday morning, regarding what he calls “disgraceful” actions that occurred in the reported incident.

“Acting Chief Cappiello has launched an immediate internal investigation into this incident, and I will work closely with the Chief and the Hamden Police Commission to ensure that that the investigation is as thorough as the situation demands and deserves,” Leng said in his statement. “Appropriate action will be taken.”

Leng plans to meet with Cappiello to investigate and review the case under the Connecticut and Hamden law, policies and procedures, according to the statement.

“As many know, I am a strong supporter of our local law enforcement and respect so many of our public safety men and women that work tirelessly for our community every day,” Leng said in his statement. “Certain actions taken and words spoken in the video shown today have no business being part of Hamden law enforcement. Period.”

Medina was charged on Feb. 8, 2018 and later pleaded not guilty to illegally operating a motor vehicle under the influence, engaging police in a pursuit and failure to obey traffic control signals, according to Connecticut judicial records.

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