There’s no place like…college

Phil Nobile

Everyone loves a vacation. And after about three weeks of nonstop work, stress and tests, I would say a vacation was needed.

Then why, when I was finally home with old friends, family and house did I want nothing more than but to come right back to my four-man Commons room?

Don’t get me wrong: The first couple weeks of being home was a major relief. Holidays with the family and seeing friends from high school days reminded me of how comforting my original home could be. But after the holiday spirit disappeared, my longing for home disappeared as well.

Days went by. December turned into January, and the initial  thrill of being with old buddies and reminiscing on our past lives faded.

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t sure where my home was. Even after weeks spent at summer sleep-away camps as a child, I immediately became adjusted back into my life at home. But something about spending four months, day in and day out with the people in my dorm and classes made me miss something. I missed the freedom. I missed doing things for myself. And I may even have missed the Café food.

But overall I missed the people. A special bond was formed as a result of living and interacting with fellow Quinnipiac students – a bond that was different than any other. When you live with a person, you truly begin to see who they are.

Initially, I was torn between homes – the place where I resided for 18 years, and my new residence in Hamden. But now I know there is room for more than one place I can feel and live to my full potential. And I can tell you, there is no place like it.