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Candidates prepare for SGA Elections

Candidates prepare for SGA Elections

SGA President candidates

[media-credit name=”Chronicle File Photo” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Joseph Iasso

Junior Class Vice President

Junior higher education leadership major

I am running for SGA President to bring Quinnipiac back to being a student-centered University. For too long, money has been pumped into our “future,” while current students are largely ignored.

We have residence halls that are falling apart, literally. Power outages almost monthly due to old infrastructure. Increasingly limited programming space. Classrooms made for a different era of education.

We also have essential student services that are lacking significant funding and resources- I would list them, but it would be almost all-inclusive.

If elected, I will work with students and administrators across campus to create a strategic facilities and financial plan, outlining recommended steps to build a campus and university that better suits current Quinnipiac students. To pay for this, I hope I can work with our incoming president and the office of Development and Alumni Affairs to solicit donations and start using a portion of the interest and dividends of our endowment (a managed pool of money that we only spend the interest from) to cover operating costs.

I hope you share my vision for the university we could be, and that I have your vote on a April 4th.

[media-credit name=”Chronicle File Photo” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Ryan Hicks

SGA Vice President for Finance

Junior physical therapy major

Hello Bobcats! My name is Ryan Hicks and I am a junior Physical Therapy major from Dedham, Massachusetts. I have been a member of the Student Government Association for three years serving as a Class Representative, Class President, and Vice President for Finance. Now, I am looking to take my diverse background of positions and apply them to the position of President of SGA.

Quinnipiac University is going to be experiencing a massive transition within the next year. It is crucial that the student’s voices are heard during this time and I want to be there to help facilitate that communication. In addition, it is the perfect time to address the major initiatives Student Government Association has been working on so that the upcoming change in the administration results in a positive change for the students.

Finally, there needs to be change within the Student Government Association. The structure of the organization must be changed to accommodate the expanding and diverse Quinnipiac community. The Student Government Association should be an organization that every student feels they are properly advocated for. If elected SGA President, I look forward to working diligently to achieve these positive changes.


SGA Vice President candidates

[media-credit name=”Chronicle File Photo” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Rebecca Hassel

SGA Vice President

Junior biology major

I have had the honor and privilege of representing Quinnipiac students on SGA since my freshman year and would be so grateful to serve as the SGA Vice President during my senior year. Over the past three years, I have watched Quinnipiac grow as a University and have witnessed the effects of that on the student body. Recently, I have advocated for better and more library space, as our student population has outgrown the study spaces available. Administrators are now more aware of the lack of space and are working to come up with alternative options during finals week, where crowding is especially prevalent. My aspirations as the SGA Vice President are to provide members of SGA with the necessary means and support to accomplish their goals when working on student-run initiatives. Besides keeping the multitude of advancing initiatives organized throughout the academic year, I want to make sure that the general board members remain enthusiastic, and ambitious by creating an environment for which they can thrive in. With three years of experience serving as a representative, I am aware of the amount of compassion, accountability, and empowerment of others that’s crucial to serving on the executive board.


[media-credit name=”Chronicle File Photo” align=”alignright” width=”200″][/media-credit]Luke Ahearn

Sophomore Class President

Sophomore marketing major

The upcoming academic year at Quinnipiac is going to be critical in the development of the student experience for many years in the future.  With Lahey retiring and our new president coming in, it is going to be vital to let her know that Quinnipiac’s first priority is now the students.  The fall will welcome a new era to Quinnipiac. We will also see the end of our Title IX law suit this summer, which will open the door for Quinnipiac to finally offer Club Sports.  If elected, I will work tirelessly to bring those changes, as well as gathering more rights for students especially those facing conduct, increasing student engagement across our campus, and increasing available funding for student organizations.

As a sophomore, I have had the pleasure of being part of a few different organizations on campus.  This is my second year on Student Government where I currently sit as Sophomore Class President. I also dedicate two hours each day to the gentlemen of New Blue Rugby. While at home I am an event manager at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

With new administration comes new opportunity, which we must seize to make a better Quinnipiac.


SGA Vice President for Finance candidates

[media-credit name=”Chronicle File Photo” align=”alignright” width=”200″][/media-credit]John Khillah

Junior Class President

Junior health science studies major

Hello Quinnipiac, my name’s John Khillah and I’m running to be your next Vice President for Finance for the SGA. Since my freshman year I have been heavily involved on campus including Greek life, QTHON, The Big Event, and other organizations I am apart of. Student Government however, is what has shaped me into the person I am today. In the two years being apart of SGA, I have better shaped my leadership qualities and character to new heights that I never knew were possible to reach. If elected as the next VP for Finance, I look to accomplish two tasks during my term. I want to fully understand what every dollar we pay in tuition goes to. We deserve to understand our own invoices and shouldn’t be given unclear answers, should we ask. Secondly, I will find funding during my term to fund conferences and competitions. I am determined to send our teams, orgs, and students outside of these walls to not only increase QU’s exposure to the outside world, but to give student leaders the opportunities they deserve to experience when they signed up for their organizations. You’ve just found your next VP for Finance. Vote for Khillah.

[media-credit name=”Chronicle File Photo” align=”alignright” width=”219″][/media-credit]Helen Dong

Junior international business & computer information systems

Finance acts as a connecting tool between the Student Government Association and other student organizations. A popular question among the student body is: “Where did student funding go?” My campaign is going to be focused on finding new sources of funding and reducing unnecessary consumption.

Not only does SGA need to work on fund distribution and budget cuts, but we need to create a plan to best utilize the money that we have. Student organizations often struggle with their current budgets. On campus, there are potential sources of funding that should be more involved with the organizations and SGA can be there to connect them.

Stronger and more frequent communication between organizations can help to make better use of their budgets and create better campus activities. SGA’s finance department can be the bridge between the different groups and provide guidance when needed.

Two major issues that organizations face are acquiring space for events and low number of attendees.. By having different groups work together and co-sponsor events, they can have more opportunities to attract other students and create better events. We can work together to have better spending, space and ideas. Let’s build a better Bobcat Community.

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