Four on the floor

Amy Maciejowski

As the three blue dividers came down, the Recreation Center was quickly transformed into a playing field for students participating in the inaugural Four Sports Tournament sponsored by the Student Programming Board (SPB).  On Jan. 30, participants got together and enjoyed an event that included friends, funs, sports, competition and laughter.

In the tournament, teams of four played four sports each that ran a total of eight minutes.  These sports included basketball, volleyball, soccer and broom ball (similar to hockey but without the skates.)

“(SPB member) Vinny Bond and I were thinking of a way to attract the guys at our school to our events,”  said Ramon Sanchez, who was in charge of the SPB event. “The one thing we knew guys like – from experience, of course – are sports-related events.”

The rules were simple: Each team of four would play each sport for a total of eight minutes each.  Winners would be rewarded a point and ties were resolved by either a shootout or more playing time.  After each team got a chance to play all four sports, the top four teams would then play a round robin.  This would be repeated, when they are finished, by the top two teams, and this would produce the winners.

“It’s fun because we get to play a lot of sports we normally play, and we are competing for a prize,” junior Jon Liauw said.

At the end of the night, the top three teams received prizes including $20 gift cards to the restaurant of their choice.

Photo credit: Amanda Shulman