Editor Speaks Out

Meghan Driscoll

There are many things that I love about Quinnipiac University. It has a beautiful campus and amazing academics, just to name two. One thing I am not too fond of here at good old QU is the majority of the student population that is simply lazy, apathetic and complacent. Let me guess, you are sick of hearing about how Quinnipiac was found to be the second most apathetic school in the nation. Yes well, guess what, I am pretty sick of having to deal with the repercussions of a student body that is so intent on not giving a damn.

This is my third semester at QU and it has become blatantly apparent what many of the students’ priorities are. Every Thursday night, I see a massive amount of our student body lined up to wait for the shuttle to take them into New Haven where they can go to the clubs, get drunk, grind on each other and then come back to campus to laugh and giggle about what a fabulous time they had. No, I am not some complete Debbie Downer that doesn’t want the student body to have fun, and I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been to at least one party during my time here. But I also try to prioritize and do some worthwhile things with my four years here.

I have noticed that much of the student body is just not involved.in anything. In fact, I have noticed that many of the students seem completely comfortable with the fact that they are using their four years here to get drunk, merely gliding by academically and partying all the time.

I have overheard conversations between freshmen in which they exclaim how great it is that their parents are paying money for them to come here and how they get to drink all the time. If that is the main reason why you came to college, then I feel quite sorry that your parents are shoveling out almost $40,000 a year for you to be here.

It saddens me that this campus is full of what seems to be pretty intelligent people, yet very few seem to take part in anything creative. This year the Coffee House, also known as open mic night, was started (which, by the way, takes place at 9:00 in the Bobcat Den every Thursday night), and although there is a good-sized crowd, it seems as though many students that encounter the event are completely uncomfortable with the thought of being creative. I have seen students walk in to get food, see what was going on and then snicker and make rude jokes about it.

I am sorry – maybe I missed the memo on what exactly is so funny about students reading poetry, singing and playing music. Did an email circulate all over campus that informed everyone of how “uncool” it was to, oh I don’t know, be creative?

With all that being said, I am urging anyone and everyone reading this, especially freshmen, to get out there and do something worthwhile with your time here at Quinnipiac. Get involved, become informed and be open to new ideas instead of allowing your four years here to become a $38,800-a-year party.