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For the love of hair

[media-credit id=2139 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Curly. Wavy. Straight.

No matter what type of hair you have, one of Quinnipiac’s newest organizations, NaturallyMe, encourages you to embrace it.

“Coming here when I was a freshman, I didn’t see a lot of people wear an afro,” NaturallyMe Programming chair Tajanae Crawford explained. “I had my afro, and (other students) had their natural hair, and I would be scared because I’d be like, ‘Do people like it if I have an afro?’ So (the organization) is mostly about self-love and how to take care of your hair.”

NaturallyMe President Janece Boone explained that the club desires to educate Quinnipiac students about hair care.

“The goal was basically to inform everyone how to take care of their hair properly, tag heuer replica watches so it started because we noticed not a lot of people usually know how to take care of their hair,” Boone said.

Boone explained the idea for the club first came about during her freshman year and was sparked by her interest in learning how to take care of her own hair properly.

“Freshman year I thought, ‘I don’t really know how to take care of my hair properly, so why don’t we have a club for this?’” she said.

Boone said creating the club helped her teach herself about caring for her hair as well.

“I’m not an expert. I would have to go on YouTube channels and look online to know exactly how to take care of (my hair),” she said.

Second-year graduate student Jennifer Dobrodziej described the struggles her friends who have curly hair experience, as well as what she feels the club can bring to campus.

“I have friends who have really curly hair, and they tend to straighten it because straightened hair is easier to manage,” Dobrodziej said. “I think (the club will be beneficial because) you can learn how to properly take care of (curly hair), or just an easier way to manage (curly hair). I think it would make students more comfortable and you would see more students show up to class with their naturally curly hair.”

Despite its focus on curly hair, the club is for everyone, according to NaturallyMe Treasurer Naomi Robinson.

“It’s also to educate those who don’t have curly hair,” Robinson explained. “I know I get a lot of questions like, ‘Oh, can I touch your hair?’”

The club’s first event, Curl Con, will take place on the Bobcat Lawn on Saturday, Oct. 7.

“We’re going to have a booth where people can actually come  and touch our hair without them actually having to ask,” she said.

Vice President Brianna Robinson explained the role the natural hair movement has played in sparking the idea for the club.

“The natural hair movement is something major that has been happening for a few years now,” Robinson said. “So more women of color and more people who have curly hair are expressing their texture of hair – curly, wavy, any type of hair that needs more treatment than the regular straight hair… so the natural hair movement does play a role in how we came about with the club and what our message is to girls with curly hair.”

Naomi Robinson said that the club’s goal is not only centered around hair.

“We’re not just focusing on hair… it’s going to be (focused on) natural products as well – like facemasks and stuff like that. It’s for everybody, not just a specific group of people. That’s what the main goal of this club is,” she said.

NaturallyMe will officially become a student organization next academic school year, when the club will receive funding to host more events, according to Naomi Robinson.

“It’s a process. We’re slowly becoming an organization,” she explained. “Our name isn’t out there yet, but we’ve done a lot of things that organizations have to do to become organizations, so we’re almost there.”
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