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Letters to the Editor

Radzinski should be ashamed; ‘respect thy elders.’

I am deeply appalled and frightened by the article printed on page 10 of the Feb. 7 issue, “The Worst Generation?” After reading this article, I feel ashamed to be a member of the Quinnipiac community.

Perhaps the writer has forgotten one of the oldest sayings in the book, “respect thy elders.” Those 40 to 65 “geezers,” that he so delightfully calls them, are our parents, our professors and our government.

Our past two presidents have been under the age of 65. Our parents are from the baby-boomer generation and they have raised us to be the “technical support” for their lack of knowledge that he seems to think they all have.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the two most well-known computer entrepreneurs, are between the ages of 40 and 65. They have pioneered computer technology and made it into something that we, and the large majority of our parents, can understand.

Our generation is a generation of technological advancement and progress, but without our parents inventing the stuff, where would we be? Stuck in the Stone Age.

I find this article insulting to our professors, our parents and the Hamden community. I am highly embarrassed to call myself a member of the Quinnipiac community and hope that everyone else does as well.

The Chronicle’s printing of the article brings up an issue that is nonexistent and portrays it improperly. Imagine how it would feel when we get to 50 and we read an article in our children’s college paper insulting us. How will you feel then?

Please, editors of the Chronicle, apologize to all of us for printing such an absurd, incorrect and insulting article. For all our sakes.

Michael Russell
Quinnipiac sophomore

‘Broad generalization,’ false accusation

Who is the worst generation? Well, with an article as ignorant and ill-informed as this, I wouldn’t be surprised if our parents thought it was us. The only thing I agree with in this article is that it is an opinion. It is a broad generalization that is entirely false.

First, the age group that is mentioned, “people age 40-65” is not a drain on society. Ever stop to look at that computer that runs Windows XP, the operating system that Bill Gates, who is in that age group, wrote? What about the Macintosh computers? Steve Jobs is most certainly at the forefront of those machines.

They do eat up Social Security money, but that isn’t their fault. Think about it, we come out of World War II and you get married during an economic boom. Wouldn’t you settle down and make a family with these great conditions? You are going to have kids.

Second problem with this article is that it states all electric devices. Simply, this is not true. Just because someone can’t make the 12:00 stop blinking on the VCR, doesn’t make them a liability to our generation. Perhaps someone not knowing how to use every aspect of a computer makes them less fit for the high paced world we live in, but there is more to life than being able to perfectly format a word document in Microsoft Word.

My main issue with this article is that it shows no respect for our predecessors. I doubt that the writer ever intended for his parents to see this. Considering how disrespectful of the older generation this is, I am not surprised.

I work at the help desk, and believe me, there is more to it than knowing where to left and right click. It is called customer service for a reason. Maybe you do look like a customer service representative, but you do not sound like one. It is hard not to laugh at people looking for the “any” key, but I don’t because some are slower with computers than others.

Have some respect for your parents, the people who made you. Not only you, but they made this nation the way it is. Celine Dion might be a horrid burden to society, but I think we can take that with all the good they have given us.

Ben Siegel
Quinnipiac freshman

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