Editor Speaks Out: Better late than never: School spirit lives at QU

Samantha Karol

The TD Banknorth Sports Center is finally complete. For the first time in my three years here, I’ve had to stand in line to get tickets to games. I waited half an hour in the snow for a shuttle back to campus after going to a hockey game on a Tuesday night. There is no student parking at the new center, which is why I had to take the shuttle, but unlike a lot of people, I’m not complaining. I don’t mind waiting, in fact, the reason that I have to wait is what makes it so worth it.

For the first time in my three years here, we have school spirit. I have to wait for tickets and shuttles because people actually care. With the opening of this new sports center, we are becoming true fans and making our presence known. Student section tickets have run out for almost every game so far, and on game day the section is a sea of gold. People are getting into the game, cheering almost constantly, not letting a minute go by without letting the other team know that they’re in our house.

True, some fans have let their enthusiasm overwhelm their better judgment, and I do not excuse actions like throwing things on the ice, but it’s important to remain realistic. Instead of freaking out when students curse during cheers, people need to realize that the fact that they care enough to cheer at all is much more important. The truth is our sports center is pretty tame.

Having gone to several hockey games at Lynah Rink at Cornell, I can personally say that as far as profanity goes, it could be much worse. But, when I went to games there, the profanity did not catch my attention. I saw how excited people get, how much they support their team and how there’s never a quiet moment in the rink. I never thought it could be like that here.

Now that we actually have a chance to really enjoy and support our sports teams in our new sports center, people need to stop worrying so much about inappropriate behavior. Yes, the students could tone it down a little and it should not come to the point where our team is penalized, but we should be glad that the seats are filled, no matter how long the wait. And, even if the cheers aren’t the cleanest, at least people are cheering.