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Letters to the Editor

‘Sleeping administration’ needs needs a wake-up call

The hotline? What, they didn’t think there was a problem until they heard it over their own phones? Dare I ask, those calls don’t go to Residential Life do they? If they do that would be one more assurance that nothing will ever get done.

Anyway, here’s what we know:
There is a problem as proven by the installation of the hotline. (Apparently there wasn’t one before then.)
Campus security is already venturing into the community.
Hamden can’t seem to afford any more Zoning Officers.

Solution: Have the Sleeping Administration send some of the more forceful security officers over to Town Hall where they can be given a primer on multi-family zoning regulations.
Once completed, deputize the officers as Zoning Officers.

Dub them The Elite Zoning Swat Team and deploy them only to two-family residences housing more than 20 occupants and four- families with greater than 40 – an easy to remember rule of thumb. Have them pay special attention to either sized living units where decommissioned beer kegs are now serving as driveway markers or general outdoor decorating elements. Have the Swat Team evict just this portion of the population and bring them back inside the gates. Leave this re-housing challenge to Residential Life. After all, it’s their job…isn’t it?

If the elite unit performs its responsibility efficiently, the Hamden housing problem should be resolved in about two weeks.

Oh, and give the Swat Team special recognition when they get to the bottom of WHO REALLY OWNS the most flagrant of the non-complying buildings.

-Lee B. Flemming
Concerned Citizen

RA trying to be witty not condescending

On behalf of students with a sense of humor, I would like to address Erin Miller’s article regarding an “unwelcome” e-mail received by a Residence Hall Director in Mountainview. As a resident of the suites, I feel that Miller’s article did not accurately reflect the majority opinion of the Mountainview community. I found our RHD’s mass e-mail to be accurate in its assessment of how students are currently behaving within the dorms. Her e-mail was a witty approach to handling a childish behavior that is frequently found among students on the QU campus. It is entirely possible to have a good time on the weekends without knocking down exits signs, peeing all over your bathroom floor and punching holes through your walls. Our RHD was just stating the reality in a clever way.
Although “one would think that a 19-year old knows how to read, control one’s anger and aim straight for the toilet,” there are clearly some who do not know how to do any of those things. As a result, these issues need to be addressed. While I agree that Residential Life does generalize the behavior and intentions of a small number of students, I feel that the author of this e-mail did not intend to degrade the student dorm population.

If you are able to ramble off a list of things that you dislike about the Quinnipiac community including sarcastic jabs at the “spacious living, fine cuisine and consideration of our wants and needs” it is questionable as to why you are here in the first place.

Bad Idea: Putting down many great aspects of your school.
Good idea: Leaving it.

Mountainview Resident

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