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Center of Communications and Engineering to be revamped

Changes are coming to the Center for Communications and Engineering (CCE) at the university.

“The plan is to have all the facilities for the School of Communications in this building [the Center for Communications and Engineering], which would mean a new studio, new edit rooms, new classrooms and new offices,” Dean of the School of Communications Lee Kamlet said.

As for the current studio in the Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center, it will be replaced with a new one in CCE, according to Kamlet.

“It will give students access to a new studio, we’ll have new cameras. We’ll have up-to-date cameras,” Kamlet said. “Anytime you incorporate that into the curriculum, it benefits both students and faculty.”

Vice President of Facilities and Capital Planning Sal Filardi said renovations in CCE will also have a significant impact on the Lender School of Business building.

“The communications space is moving out of the Lender School of Business and over to CCE. So the vacated space will be renovated to provide classrooms for business, career development space, offices, spaces for student study and spaces for organizations,” Filardi said.

Freshman Nathan Wilson said the changes to the School of Communications buildings have the potential to impact the university as a whole.

“It can definitely improve the environment that the students learn in Tag Heuer Replica Watches,” Wilson said. “Renovations and new equipment can benefit [communications students and professors] and the university as a whole.”

Kamlet said the university’s goal for the renovated building is to provide students with up-to-date facilities in which they can take great pride.

“We’re trying to anticipate the changes in communication going forward, so we hope to have some facilities we don’t have now,” Kamlet said.

Despite the importance of these changes, Kamlet explained that a greater benefit will result from the renovations.

“I think the most important thing in terms of faculty and students is that we’ll be under one roof. We will have a community. When you’re split between two buildings, it’s harder to have that sense of community,” Kamlet said.

Sophomore Sarah Savitz believes having all communications classes in one building is a benefit to students, especially freshmen.

“It can be easier for new students to find their classes if they’re in the School of Communications because [the classes] are all in one building,” Savitz said.

Filardi said the university’s goal is to create a sense of community amongst students.

“I think the design is really to create a home for the School of Communications, which it lacks right now,” Filardi said. “What we are trying to do is trying to make sure the schools and the students in those schools feel like it’s their home.”

Filardi also said the current setup for the School of Business building is not the most ideal situation for students in the school.

“The top priority of the dean [of the School of Business] is classrooms, and the classrooms that are currently in the School of Business are undersized for the typical business class,” Filardi said.

Filardi said that, much like the case of communications students, business students will have a building they can take pride in.

“Many business students have to take classes outside the School of Business [building]… so getting some classrooms that are the right size for the School of Business [will allow] students to actually be in the School of Business when they are taking business classes, which is a positive,” Filardi said. “It is an effort by the university to readjust, especially [to put] business and communications under one roof.”

Filardi also said that due to the evolving nature of education, the university is seeking to adapt to those changes.

“The pedagogy of education is really evolving to more of the collaborative Ulysse Nardin Replica conversation in the classroom. The classrooms are going to be designed to be more collaborative in nature versus just lecture halls,” Filardi said.

While the university is not at the point to put a price on the renovations, there is a target date for the project’s completion.

“The plan is to have it finished by the end of next summer. We’re a long way away from that. Construction hasn’t started yet, but that’s the plan,” Kamlet said.

A poster in CCE shows the tentative plans for the layout of the building.
[/media-credit] A poster in CCE shows the tentative plans for the layout of the building.
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