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Bad idea: treating QU students like children

A few nights ago residential students living in Mountainview got an unwelcome and somewhat mockery of an e-mail from their Residence Hall Director, giving “suggestions” on “bad” behavior and “good” behavior.

The letter opened up with, “Bad Idea: Tearing the information down from your RA’s bulletin board. Good Idea: Reading the information on your RA’s bulletin board.”

Thanks, mom.

It continued, “Bad Idea: Punching holes in your suite/room wall to take out your frustrations. Good Idea: Taking a long walk to take out your frustrations.”

Really? Thanks for the lesson in common sense.

Then, there was my favorite, “Bad Idea: Peeing all over your bathroom everywhere but in the toilet. Good Idea: Working on your aim and getting it in the bowl every time so that people aren’t walking through urine.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was potty-trained by my mom when I was around two or so. To those who weren’t, I’m very sorry and in no way intend to make a mockery of your urinary problems, as our RHD decided to mock us.

Out of all the people I have come across, nobody saw this e-mail as informative. Nobody saw this e-mail as necessary. Nobody saw this e-mail as pragmatic. In fact, the general consensus was that of humor, and if not that, as rude, sarcastic and defamatory way of our RHD getting her point across.

The theme of this e-mail did not go unnoticed, the author simply wanted to express to all of her residents that they should treat their rooms rented to them by Quinnipiac with the utmost respect. Her point was valid and truthful. Her game plan for expressing it, however, abominable.

The average age of a student living on campus is 19 years old. One would think by now that a 19-year-old knows how to read, control one’s anger and aim straight for the toilet. It does not go unrecognized that in some cases, individuals make poor choices and do rip down signs, punch things and “miss,” but most people don’t.

Most students are simply wishing to make the most of their four years here on campus. Instead, we are constantly being reminded that we are dispensable. Sure, the university’s future looks promising with the increase in enrollment, building expansion and the new campus. But do we, as a current student body, really care? We are here now, not in the future. And right now, we are being treated as expendable, no-name faces who have no good intentions and constantly need to be reprimanded.

We pay the big bucks to attend this university because of its academics, great location, beautiful campus and what else? Certainly not for the spacious living, fine cuisine and consideration of our wants and needs.

Dear Residential Life: please stop treating us like children. The majority of us treat you with respect, so please do the same.

Please stop looking for things to go wrong. Instead, you should focus on the positive. You should stop treating us like children because in reality many of you are even the same age as us. Please stop disheartening the student body based on generalizations you might have due to the poor behavior of a small number of students.

Let us enjoy our time here without constant annoyances and mockeries implied by your staff members through e-mails, lectures and signs. College is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and right now you are unnecessarily raining on our parade.

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