Editor Speaks Out: QU Students should quit unwarranted complaining

Paul Krsiak

We all know them. They are the people that if God came down to earth and asked them, “What would you want in life?” they would respond with, “What took you so long?”

Before I begin my rant on life, I ask you a few things. One, to realize and quickly forget that this article will be oxymoronic in nature and will indeed complain about complainers and two, I’m not getting up on a soapbox and preaching a sermon on how everyone is horrible and needs to change. Why you may ask? Because I’m a complainer too.

I complain about almost everything and am guilty of the complaints I say here. Let’s think about my daily commute and how most of my problems stem from that little aspect of my life. The school bus that stopped in the middle of traffic, the light that just turned red, the north lot that is already full at 9 a.m., the fact that I’m walking from Hogan to get my already late sorry butt into class. We all do it. We do more, too. Dorms have triples, shuttles run ten minutes off schedule, the caf