Facebook goes face to face

Garret Woodward

“Aren’t you that guy that facebooked me last month?”

A look of horror sweeps across my face as I turn around from the bar.

“Uh, oh yeah,” and a small chuckle was all I could muster under this increasing scrutiny. I could see it in her eyes. She knew my story. I knew hers. Thanks Facebook.

I tried to make something of the situation, “What’s going on? You’re Erin right?”

She smiled, seeing I remembered her name and didn’t just Facebook her because she looked hot in her profile picture.

“And you’re Garret?”

Once the initial embarrassment subsided I knew my window of opportunity was quickly fleeting.

“How long have you been here?” I yelled, trying to get my message through the obnoxiously loud background music and mundane conversation.

“About an hour or so. I had a lot of work so it took me awhile to get over here,” she replied. “I really needed a drink after all that studying.”

I asked her the typical follow-up, “What’s your major?”

“English.” Somehow I already knew.

“English huh? That’s awesome. I’m journalism. I love English. All I do is read and write.”

“You write? I wish I could write. I just never have enough time to sit down and do it. Someday though.”

I looked into the two blue pools which bordered each side of her nose. They grabbed my attention and I was hooked. She was more beautiful than the last time I saw her face. Not many women can look that good in a bikini while on vacation in Florida. We’re all guilty of it.

We kept talking and soon the conversation reached the finish line known as last call; the moment of truth.

“Are you going to be around this weekend? We may be having a party at my place.”

She glanced at me and took the last sip of her rum and coke. “Yea, give me a call if you do.”

I flipped open my cell-phone and anxiously anticipated the 10 numerals which would soon be mine.

With an affirming nod and kiss on the cheek goodbye, she was gone. I stood there wondering what the hell just conspired. How did I avoid utter embarrassment at the hands of modern technology?

Before calling it a night, I went back onto Facebook. I had to check out this girl one more time. Upon confirmation, I hit the hay and wondered where this recent endeavor would lead. Maybe she’ll post a message on my wall tomorrow.