Editor Speaks Out: QU gets it right

Ed Kacik

About a week ago my roommate and I decided to drive up to the York Hill campus and check out the brand new TD Banknorth Sports Center. After driving up the enormous hill that the Sports Center sits on top of, we decided to get out of the car and walk around the area to get a true feel for Quinnipiac’s newest expansion. On top of the hill, you can see a vast expanse of the area around Hamden. The scene and setting was breathtaking. Everything, from the Sports Center directly in front of me to the farm house and silo in the distance, was absolutely perfect. My roommate must have felt the same way because he turned to me and said, “Quinnipiac really got this one right.”

All of a sudden, someone flipped the switch, and the light bulb in my head lit up. “Has Quinnipiac actually done something good,” I asked myself? My answer, at the risk of being alienated from the community, was yes. Then I began to think if there are other things that Quinnipiac has gotten right.

Sure, there is a laundry list of problems here at Quinnipiac that the powers that be did not get right. No need to list them because I’m sure as you’re reading this you’re thinking of another way that “the man” has just screwed you; whether it be because you have to take a shuttle to your car or because you have a judicial from the jungle juice party you had last Friday.

Despite all the things that are wrong at Quinnipiac, there are just as many that have gone right and benefited students more than we chose to acknowledge. One of these things is the utterly gorgeous state that our campus is perpetually in. Whether its spring when all the trees on campus are in bloom or when the campus is covered with fresh snow and there isn’t a single footstep across the Quad, the school has an aesthetic beauty that few others have.

Another plus is the track record of the faculty who teach us everyday. When I walk into my classes, I feel confident that I’m actually going to learn something. The professors we learn from have real world experience and bring that into the classroom everyday to pass onto us. The administration hires these teachers, and, in my opinion, are doing a great job of it.

At this point you may be sitting there thinking to yourself, “this kid is out of his mind, I think this school is hideous and my science teacher majored in drama at his local community college.” I can’t dispute that. However, I can ask you to remember when you applied to Quinnipiac. Remember when you received that acceptance letter. Remember when you first moved into your dorm. Reflect on the time you’ve spent here since those moments, and when you do, I’m sure you’ll come up with a lot of things that will make you say, “Quinnipiac really got this one right.”