Student Veterans Organization to host BBQ

Bill Ruocco

Members of the Student Veterans Organization during last year’s “Operation Barbecue.”
[/media-credit] Members of the Student Veterans Organization during last year’s “Operation Barbecue.”

At our core, humans are engineered to want to help others who are in need. A group that gives or has given everything for the safety of others is now asking for that help.

The Student Veterans Organization (SVO) will host “Operation Barbecue” on Saturday, April 23 on Bobcat Way from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Seventy-five percent of the proceeds from the barbecue will go the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center. The Legal Center’s goal is to assist veterans who are struggling with homelessness and mental illness through legal action.

President of SVO and senior Chris Bolduc said the event is important in raising awareness beyond the scope of the Quinnipiac community.

“The good that comes out of this barbecue is raising awareness for veterans not only on campus, but also on a national level,” Bolduc said.

Along with the food, there will be other activities. Various fraternities and sororities around campus will assist with the grilling, doing some face painting and setting up a variety of lawn games for students to participate in.

The National Guard will also be in attendance. The National Guard will set up a Humvee for students to observe, as well as an obstacle course and a basketball throw.

In hosting this event, SVO hopes to get more recognition.

“The good I want to see come out of the barbecue is for the public to notice that we are here, and that we are a force for good,” said Alex Hartman, vice president of SVO.

The members of SVO said the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center is capable of doing a lot for not only homeless veterans, but veterans in general. Bolduc recognizes how much a good relationship with them can benefit everyone involved.

“It will help build a huge relationship with them,” Bolduc said. “They’re really just beginning to start up and we think they can really help us, and we can help them.”

When talking to Danny Pagliuca, a sophomore on campus, he found it very easy to recognize what good this event can do.

“A lot of good could come out of it,” sophomore Danny Pagliuca said. “Raise some money, do the right thing, serve the right group of people.”

Pagliuca also felt very strongly about the problem of homelessness in America, citing that as a reason to attend the event.

“Most Americans have money to spend on the stupidest things, when we have people out there on the streets freezing,” Pagliuca said.

Student entry into the event is free of charge, but a meal ticket will be $5 if you choose to eat the food. The SVO will have a table set up in the Student Center this Wednesday to Friday that will be selling those tickets as well as t-shirts for the organization.