Public Safety braces for students’ reactions to Frozen Four game

Olivia Higgins

Public Safety says it’s prepared to deal with whatever reaction the campus has tonight after the men’s ice hockey team plays in the Frozen Four.

“We always have operational plans for everything that we do,” Assistant Chief of Public Safety James Nealy said. “We look at what we have and look at what’s going on through social media… and then we make decisions about how we are going to organize our man power.”

When the men’s ice hockey team lost in the 2013 final Frozen Four game to Yale, students took to the Bobcat statue and Quad, damaging some university property in frustration. Three students and two visitors were arrested. Before that game, former Chief of Public Safety David Barger told The Chronicle security would be increased.

Nealy said Public Safety has talked to students and surrounding police departments in Hamden and New Haven to ensure that the entire campus and student body are under control.

Public Safety will make adjustments based on whatever occurs, such as checking for alcohol more often or moving officers to different areas on campus, according to Nealy.

Nealy said he is confident that most students will behave and listen to directions and that his team is prepared for anything that may happen as a result of tonight’s game and Saturday’s potential game.

“Be happy and proud of what Quinnipiac has accomplished,” Nealy said. “Mind your manners, you’re always on stage, always represent your family and Quinnipiac in the most positive manner, and we’ll be watching.”