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Letters to the editor: Students react to the Yale game, Fetty Wap ticket process


The Chronicle received several letters to the editor in response to the article “Students frustrated with QU-Yale, Fetty Wap ticket issues.”

Letter 1 by Caroline Gottlieb, freshman

Nearly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students attempting to get tickets is asking for a problem. Between the Yale ticket grabbing and the buying of Fetty Wap tickets, the website was slow and crashed once. Something needs to change.

A better alternative is to release a certain amount of tickets at a time where BobcatNet will not be in popular use, such as the mornings. This spaces out when tickets are distributed, so there isn’t a rush to get them. Also, this keeps people hoping that they can get tickets throughout the week, and it will be more fair.

Some students say that others shouldn’t be able to get a free ticket just to sell it, or buy many tickets just to make a profit. Unfortunately, there is no logical way to solve this problem without causing more faults in the system.

Letter 2 by Paige Meyer, freshman

I personally feel it is unfair that all of the 1,200 Yale vs. QU hockey game tickets go on sale at the same time. Because the tickets are so very popular, the system is bound to crash. Now, after experience, the university is aware of the situation and how unreliable this ticket system can be. My opinion of this tough situation is to divide the number of tickets that can be sold between seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman. The seniors should be able to purchase their tickets one day and then the following days after that the underclassmen will get the same opportunity. This will help keep the servers working at their fullest potential and keep the Quinnipiac ticket “outrage” under control.

Letter 3 by Aaron Robinson, freshman

As a student at Quinnipiac, I feel like the lottery system – when it comes to the student ticket portal and getting tickets to things such as hockey games and Fetty Wap concerts – needs to be addressed. I feel like the system is corrupt because the odds of getting tickets are not equal for every student. The site always crashes because too many students are on the site at the same time. At times Wi-Fi around campus is stronger than at other spots, which also puts some students at a disadvantage. I think the most fair way to give out tickets to events would just be to put the tickets at the box office and set a certain time, probably on the weekend when no one is in class, that students can line up and get tickets on a first come, first serve basis. That way, everyone has an equal opportunity to get the tickets.

Letter 4 by Andrew Robinson, freshman

Many students this past week have been upset about the success rate of our online student ticket portal – as they believe it is unfair and inefficient. Many students became upset after missing out on opportunities to get tickets to the coveted Yale men’s ice hockey game, and our Wake the Giant spring concert starring Fetty Wap. Both events had tickets given away through this sort of online lottery where students practically must be lucky to gain a ticket. Many students were unsuccessful stating that there was too much traffic on the website, causing it to crash when the Fetty Wap tickets were released.

 “I tried for two hours and I wasn’t able to get a ticket. The website crashed within the first minute I tried to get on it and by the time the night was over tickets were sold out” sophomore Ayron Hutton said.

This dissatisfaction has caused many students to try and find other ways to gain tickets to these events such as StubHub or Ticketmaster. But we as students shouldn’t have to resort to these measures just to be able to attend an event at our own school. There must be a change to this system. Even if it means selling tickets at the box office like normal events, there must be an effort to make this system more fair. If we don’t we might be looking toward a future where students are going to extreme measures to get tickets which could lead to violence or stupidity, which is not a road we want to go down.

Letter 5 by Sean O’Connor, freshman

The Quinnipiac Men’s Ice Hockey game vs. Yale University is always a hyped up event on campus, due in part to the rivalry and the team’s incredible success this season. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the tickets for the game are highly sought after; the limited amount of student tickets provided by the ticketing service only serves to increase the difficulty of obtaining them. Many students rely on the student tickets to attend the games, thus leading to plenty of discontent across campus when the ticketing website’s accessibility was slow on campus. Anecdotally, I have noticed a shocking discrepancy between the amount of off-campus students who were able to get tickets, compared to on-campus students. The off-campus students getting more tickets suggests that an issue with the Internet on campus could be the cause of the ticketing website’s issues. In the future, a more equal method of distribution should be considered.

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