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Pine Grove cleanup still underway

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Heavy snow and wind has recently caused many tree branches to fall down near the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) buildings. Some of these fallen branches continue to reside in the area in the wake of the storms.

The branches have managed to cause a minor hassle in terms of students getting to their classes and once forced The Department of Public Safety to close the pathways through the area during the storms.

In the midst of winter weather on Feb. 5, Public Safety’s Parking and Transportation Coordinator Shanon Grasso sent an email instructing students to avoid the pathways to CAS through the wooded area.

“Please be advised that the Pine Grove is closed to pedestrian traffic due to Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica the potential danger of falling tree limbs,” Grasso’s email said.

Junior Sam Mullins said cleaning up these branches should be a priority of Facilities. He also said he supported Public Safety’s decision to close the walkway during the storms.

“I feel like they’re pretty dangerous, to be honest,” Mullins said. “If there’s fallen branches on the road, you definitely need to clean them up as soon as possible. It’s not good that they’re still around.”

And Mullins felt that closing the walkway was a smart choice.

“It can only be a good thing, to be honest,” he said.

Keith Woodward, associate vice president for facilities operations, explained why Public Safety made the decision to close the walkway.

“The heavy icing and high winds experienced earlier this [month] caused branches to fall in the Pine Grove on the Mount Carmel Campus,” Woodward said. “Facilities and Public Safety monitor the situation in the Pine Grove, and when appropriate, close the sidewalks to pedestrian traffic to ensure the safety of those who walk through there. Our top priority in the Pine Grove is always to move the branches off the sidewalks.”

Woodward said for now, the sidewalks to the CAS buildings have been cleared and branches have been moved to the side.

However, despite the hassle that these fallen branches have caused for some students, others haven’t noticed them, such as freshman Kenny MacMaster. MacMaster explained he only believes Jaeger LeCoultre Replica Watches that the fallen branches are a problem if they cause harm to students

“Once they’re on the ground, I don’t think it’s a huge problem to just avoid them,” he said. “It might be more troublesome if they’re in the roads.”

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