Is security keeping information from kids?

Jessica Almanza

Hearing the bleep of the walkie talkies in the hallways has already begun to become part of the ambience in Commons. There has been an influx of heightened security on campus for the past few weeks. Since the incident on Dorm Road concerning the commuter student, security has definitely stepped up to the plate and guards have been making rounds on Dorm Road, school IDs are being checked upon entering the shuttles and guards have been stationed outside the shuttle stops. But very recently, I have seen security guards in the Cafeteria, in the dorms, and throughout the rest of the campus.

Is there something that we, as students, should know? Is there a reason for us to feel worried about anything? Is it safe to be out alone late at night? I find myself asking many questions concerning my own safety on campus.

There is definitely something being kept from the students, and because Quinnipiac University has suffered so much bad publicity with the alcohol related death on campus and the expulsion of the six students due to the serving of alcohol to minors, the university is afraid to take any chances on getting the word out.

Quinnipiac University has become my home in the past couple months. My roommates have become my family, the Resident Assistants have become my older siblings and most of the campus has become my address. Coming from a suburb of New York City and having gone to school in a city all my life, entering the small town of Hamden has made me experience a feeling of security in a brand new world. Walking outside late at night has never worried me nor have I ever felt threatened by anyone at all.

Increased security on a college campus, considering all the things that happen, is always a good thing. Unfortunately, it is always initiated by a messy situation. Is there a reason for so much security on campus? If, in fact, the heightened security on campus is nothing but a new policy instead of a precaution or remedy to a problem, then by all means, continue! But if the security on campus is due to a mishap or another incident on campus, then we definitely should be informed of it. There is no reason I should feel unsafe in my own home.