WQAQ is not as exclusive as you think

Laura Goodman

The idea of being part of the radio station at Quinnipiac University is not something which a lot of people would jump at immediately. In fact, it is something which most people on our campus would actually stay away from as much as possible.

WQAQ is thought of as a group that is unapproachable and the people who are involved only care about music. They only want to talk to the people who are involved within the station; all of these thoughts are untrue. The people deeply involved at WQAQ are the ones who actually care about what happens at the station, and although most of our friends may come from the radio station, we still enjoy spending time with people who are not part of the station.

It may seem to take over our lives at points, but at the same time, we do not only think about the station. We have other lives and we are not completely isolated from the rest of the campus, as many students believe we are. At times, WQAQ seems as though it is an island all its own, floating by itself in room 225 of the Carl Hansen Student Center, but it is actually an integral part of life here on campus.

When I first approached the station, it was a little intimidating because it was such a close group of people, but once I spoke to a member of WQAQ, it was obvious that the station is actually one of the most welcoming places on campus. The station is a place that allows for people to come in, speak their minds, express their opinions, share their views, and just hang out. It is a place where I am not openly criticized for saying what I believe but at the same time, everyone has strong opinions and they are openly known.

The radio station is an approachable place. We are an approachable group of people, and sometimes without realizing it, we have become our own place that people believe they cannot approach, which is not the truth. This misconception is completely wrong. Within the parameters of the station, we may seem as though we are speaking a completely different language, but at the same time, we are just regular college students who have found a passion and are expressing their love in the one way they know how, over the airwaves.