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QU website to be revamped


Students should expect to see massive changes on the Quinnipiac University website soon. The site will be completely redesigned in order to create a more “consumer-centric” experience, according to university staff.

“Our current site doesn’t work for us the way it should,” Vice President of Brand Strategy and Integrated Communications Keith Rhodes said.

Rhodes said the website is primarily focused on prospective students, undergrad and grad, as well as parents. He said the current website, like most other university websites, is focused around the organization itself, rather than being “consumer-centric.”

Before coming to work at Quinnipiac, Rhodes worked on Madison Avenue for many years, working in marketing strategy and advertising, with Fortune 50 brands. He explained how the ultimate desire is to model the new Quinnipiac website after some of the websites that these companies use.

“What you find is that they tend to be very insight-driven and consumer-centric,” he said. “And their experiences that they create, whether that be websites, social media, the Replica Breguet Watches advertising they do, the publications they create, tend to focus on a very specific brand strategy, and very specific consumer need.”

Rhodes described the university’s desire to look outside of higher-ed for inspiration.

“So what we’re doing is rebuilding, or re-crafting this university website experience, not looking at current higher-ed websites for inspiration, but looking outside higher-ed for inspiration,” he said.

Rhodes cited companies such as Nike, Airbnb, Under Armour and Uber as examples of websites that are consumer friendly, websites the university has drawn inspiration from.

He described exactly what the university is aiming to do with the launch of the new website.

“[The goal is] looking at how we can lead in higher-ed, by creating an experience that essentially allows people to understand: A) The brand of Quinnipiac University, and B) Why it’s a good fit for them specifically,” he said.

The primary goal of this is to attract prospective students to the university, by differentiating Quinnipiac from other institutions.

The university is working alongside computer software company Adobe to assist with the changes, according to Rhodes.

The website is currently undergoing all of these changes, and is scheduled to launch in August of 2016.

“We’ll launch this new website…by the end of August of [next] year, and it will launch, again, on this new platform – fully responsive design – so it will scale across mobile devices,” Rhodes said. “We’ll have an entire team of individuals who work behind the scenes to constantly update that, all of the content on the website, and it will launch with this new kind of brand identity that we’re looking at for the university today.”

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