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Security guards come to student’s rescue

In the past three weeks, the Chronicle has run three different articles giving detailed descriptions of how bad Quinnipiac security is. Though I too have had some bad experiences with security guards, by and large they are good people who do their jobs.

I don’t doubt for a second that there are some security guards at Quinnipiac who are on a constant power trip. There are a few bad apples in every basket. However, to overlook the ones that are doing their job properly and congenially would be foolish.

If you can remember, the day before winter break, there was a terrible ice storm. The roads seemed to be replaced by a sheet of ice. It was hard to tell if Whitney Avenue had been switched with the Northford Ice Pavilion.

Trying to prepare for the trip home, I decided I’d pack my things up on Thursday and simply hop in my car and go back to New Jersey the next day. I could see people were having difficultly driving. I was about to turn into the Tonino’s parking lot to try and help a car who had gone off the road when I lost control of my car and needed help myself.

I tried calling AAA for towing service but they were too busy and eventually called back saying they would not be able to help until the morning at the earliest. I would have to leave my car on the side of West Woods road for the evening.

Luckily, I managed to flag down a shuttle driver who had just been told that West Woods road was closed for the night. As I shut off my engine, Bob Dylan’s “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” added insult to injury. I managed to fall asleep eventually even though my car was in the road.

The next morning I hear a pounding on my door and my name being shouted. I went to the door and found two security guards there (Jim Moniello and Dan Riley.) They proceeded to tell me that I needed to go move my car or it will be towed. They generously offered to take me there and help me out.

Upon arriving on the scene and evaluating the situation, the guards wondered aloud if the car needed to be towed. Maybe a push and hitting the gas a few times would do. Sure enough, the car made it off the curb and back onto the now stable road.

I was stunned. These two strangers had just saved me a lot of time and energy, not to mention at least $60 in towing costs. When I started to thank them profusely, they acted like they did it everyday. Just knowing that a student got his car back and was safe was thanks enough for the two men.

These two men embody what a security guard should be. It is important to realize that people like this do exist here at Quinnipiac and that all of security is not mean and unapproachable. Thank you again to the people who have helped and continue to do good work.

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