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Freshman SGA president, VP candidates share why they are running



Freshmen will vote on Tuesday for who will represent their class in the Student Government Association.  Some of the candidates for president and vice president discuss what made them want to enter the election.

“I believe that students have a lot more power than they believe. I want to be one of the students who takes on the change at QU.” -Logan O’Malley, presidential candidate

“In general I want to help everyone out and take their ideas and make them a reality. ‘Anything is possible if Kimmie is President.’ Paper towels in the bathrooms and better hand dryers. Things that will make life easier.” -Kimberly Ellsworth, presidential candidate

“I plan on being there for my class as president. I want to make sure if anyone has a concern, it is heard by the people who are higher up. I want to make the freshman class love QU even more than they do already.” -Joanna Sayed Ahmed, presidential candidate

“I want to be the voice for my class and I think it’s really important for the freshmen to have a say. Overall [I want to] better the community for the freshmen class and to make the transition easier.” -Kaitlyn Murphy, presidential candidate

“I plan on putting events together as a class, such as holiday events, fundraisers, and raising money as a class,” she said. “For example, I would like to put on a talent show or a fashion show to raise money. I hope to bring our class together through community service.” -Baily Hersh, presidential candidate

“ I think I am an outgoing person who would be able to connect the Student Government Association with the student body and just kinda get those ideas flowing between the two. There’s a lot that the student government can do but there’s not a lot that the student government can do without feedback from the student body. I really want to break down that barrier.” -Cameron Burbank, presidential candidate

“I really would like the students to know that I care about them and not myself. I’m trying to work behind the scenes to make things better for them.” -Joseph Iasso, presidential candidate

“Being an advocate and a person that anyone can come up to and talk about their concerns with is someone I’ve always strived to be. If I was to be elected, I would do my best to install a Game Room in the Student Center with fun activities like a pool table, hockey table, ping pong table, video games, etc. Also I think it would be beneficial to bring printers into each dorm building for convenience.” -Rebecca Hassel, presidential candidate

“I am running for office because I want to get more involved in the Quinnipiac community.  I enjoy getting to know the members of our freshman class, and I want to create a community where everyone feels comfortable.  I believe that going for a Student Government position will give me the opportunity to have the biggest impact on the community.” Ryan Hicks, vice presidential candidate

“I am running because i would love the chance to be one of the voices of our class and have the opportunity to work with the pres and reps to help make changes within our class. to make sure we have an enjoyable freshman year.” -Tyler Culp, vice presidential candidate

“I plan on representing the freshman class to the best of my ability by fighting for their ideas whether I agree with it or not as well as putting in the time to try to make the next four years fun.” -Megan Moyse, vice presidential candidate

“I would ask the opinion of classmates, find out what they need, for example, vending machines and ice machines and then work together with other members of SGA to make those needs become realities.” -Allison Kuhn, vice presidential candidate

The presidential and vice presidential candidates not included here did not return a request for comment in time for publication.

Check out this article for more from the candidates. 

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