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Grammy fashion police


Celebrities at the 57th Grammy Awards took the show by storm.  They wore a wide array of designers and proved that they were more than just musically talented.


Some celebrities who chose to step outside of their comfort zone as a way to be different did so too much and failed. Others looked amazing and conquered the red carpet.

The most popular trend was the color black. Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Sia and Ciara decided to go with a monochromatic scheme and wear only black. All black was worn to bring to light the issue of domestic violence.


For those that missed this amazing red carpet, here are the best and worst-dressed celebrities of the 57th Grammy Awards.


[media-credit name=”@Mell_Bear/Twitter” align=”alignnone” width=”330″]Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.17.45 PM[/media-credit]


Giambattista Valli designed Rihanna’s dress for this awards show. As one of the fashion goddesses of our time, Rihanna is known for shocking the world when it comes to her outfits, especially for award shows.

Rihanna shocked the world when she came onto the red carpet with this dress. A lot of people were rooting for her to wear something that would shock them in a good way.

Well, Rihanna sure did shock America. Rihanna came down the red carpet in her puffy Valli dress ready for a Quinceañera. Sorry RiRi, you might have come to the wrong event.


Within minutes, memes surfaced on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Rihanna’s pink princess dress was instantly likened to pink loofa sponges, Nicki Minaj’s pink wigs, Patrick Star from Spongebob and many other things.

Now the question is, how will Rihanna shock viewers next year at the Grammys? This dress will probably go down in awards show history.


[media-credit name=”@Mell_bear/twitter” align=”alignnone” width=”214″]Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.17.52 PM[/media-credit]


Kim Kardashian-West wore a metallic Jean Paul Gaultier robe.

Gaultier gave Kardashian-West’s dress an extra touch with sparkles, ornate beading and the shoulder design. This dress was designed very well, if it were to be hung up as a curtain, not to be worn on the red carpet of the Grammy’s.


Kardashian-West went with a very deep V-cut, which showed off her neckline. The thigh-high slit showed off much more than expected.

Memes of Kardashian-West also surfaced comparing her outfit to characters of Shrek and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. A small belt was worn around the robe to help hold it together and the outfit was completed with a pair of gold strappy sandals.


Best Dressed category:


[media-credit name=”@bey_legion/twitter” align=”alignnone” width=”328″]Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.17.28 PM[/media-credit]

 [media-credit name=”@bey_legion/twitter” align=”alignnone” width=”318″]Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.17.17 PM[/media-credit]

Beyoncé did it once again. She held on to her title as Queen B as she walked down the red carpet in her all black Proenza Schouler lace gown with a plunging V-neck that perfectly hugged all her curves. She wore Balenciaga shoes and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

She turned a lot of heads as her train draped elegantly behind her. Her show-stopping dress also featured sheer sleeves, which brought out the designs Schouler put into her dress.

Just when everyone thought Beyoncé was done slaying the Grammy’s with her outfits, she proved everyone wrong. Later that night, Beyoncé also performed the gospel song, ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord’ in an all white sheer glittered gown by Balmain.

This scene brought me back to her little sister Solange’s wedding when she was featured in all white in her wedding photos. This is on another scale; Beyoncé really showed America her curves as she sang this song prior to John Legend and Common’s performance of “Glory”.


[media-credit name=”@mell_bear/twitter” align=”alignnone” width=”355″]Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.17.36 PM[/media-credit]


Taylor Swift’s teal Elie Saab dress was a head-turner. She did not accessorize much, but the dress surely spoke for itself.

The teal ombre coloring complimented her skin and her short hair sat perfectly on top of the dress.

She paired her dress with a pair of eye-popping fuchsia shoes. Her shoe choice was daring, but T-Swift’s risk was well worth it.

Best Dressed Men:


[media-credit name=”@mell_bear/twitter” align=”alignnone” width=”205″]Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.18.03 PM[/media-credit]

A major celebrity icon, Kanye West also went with the all black approach.  This was Kanye’s first time being at the Grammy Awards in six years.  One thing Kanye does is keep everyone wondering.

Was Kanye going to give the man cleavage another go after the Balenciaga fashion show? Yes he did, and he accessorized his all black outfit with a gold chain.

Kanye wore an outfit by Balmain and Greg Lauren. Looking closely at Kanye’s outfit you can see his jacket is velour with a deep V-cut showing off his man cleavage.

I applaud Kanye for bringing his man cleavage to the red carpet, because award shows such as the Grammys are very conservative. Daring to be different and still looking what some may call “fashionable” is what celebrities should do.

A lot of people did not like Kanye’s boots and felt that it threw the outfit off. But, the boots gave Kanye’s outfit a different look from the typical style of dress shoe most men wear when they are seen on the red carpet.


[media-credit name=”@mazelbrandy/twitter” align=”alignnone” width=”500″]gold-glitter[/media-credit] [media-credit id=1796 align=”alignnone” width=”306″]Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.16.56 PM[/media-credit] [media-credit id=1796 align=”alignnone” width=”335″]Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.17.09 PM[/media-credit]


Sam Smith, one of the most recognized artists, took home not only a part of four Grammy awards but part of the red carpet as a well dressed male.

He knew he looked good in his black Armani suit and as he gave face to the camera and greeted his fans.

Smith showed his sense of style with three outfit changes during the award show. He slowly went from simple to bolder outfits throughout the night.

Smith arrived in a black Armani suit, which he complimented with a white tie. He changed into a cherry red suit to accept his first award and finished with a blue plaid suit.

Smith not only showed his amazing voice at the Grammys, but his sense of style, too.

Worst dressed:


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.18.34 PM



[media-credit name=”@mazelbrandy/twitter” align=”alignnone” width=”287″]Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.18.24 PM[/media-credit]

Bill Kelliher and Ricky Dillard take the prize for this years strangest outfit choice for the 57th Grammys.

Kelliher wore a balloon suit with an old school green tuxedo shirt underneath shiny green boat shoes.

What was Kelliher thinking? That is not something I can help with because I was thinking the same thing.

Ricky Dillard, gospel artist, wore a rose printed tuxedo that threw most people off. The deep yellow undertone of his shirt didn’t help the outfit either. The outfit resembled a toned down pimp suit.


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