The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Lock your car

David Friedlander

February 8, 2017

Last Thursday, I returned to my car after a day of classes to see the contents of my glove compartment thrown throughout the passenger side of my car. My car was burglarized. I searched my car to see if anything was taken....

Slavery in New Haven

Slavery in New Haven

April 29, 2015

Grammy fashion police

February 18, 2015

Lt. Vance comes to campus

Julia Perkins

March 6, 2013

Lt. Paul Vance will speak to students about public relations between the press and the police on Wednesday, March 20, in Burt Kahn Court. Vance has become well known for the way he dealt with the press during the Sandy Hook shootings...

We do not wish to offend, but reflect reality

The Chronicle

September 28, 2010

After much deliberation by the editorial board, the Chronicle saw fit to run the expletive in Senior arrested after filming another student's arrest. Some may be offended by the word, and rightfully so. But we attempted to portr...