Beyond the Bobcats

Sal Siciliano

Same-sex couples marry in parts of Alabama

Alabama judges granted marriage licenses to same-sex couples for the first time on Monday, according to The New York Times. But at least 50 of the 67 counties in the state refused to marry same-sex couples. A federal court ruled in January that the state’s gay marriage ban was illegal, which should have allowed same-sex couples to marry beginning on Monday, according to Reuters. Yet, Sunday night, Roy S. Moore, the state’s chief justice, told county probate judges not to allow same-sex couples to marry. But the U.S. Supreme Court intervened and ruled the state had to issue gay marriage licenses. The U.S. Supreme Court is set to decide whether gay marriage will be legal nationwide in June. -J. Perkins

North Korea displays its new cutting-edge missiles

North Korea tested five of what it is calling a new type of “cutting-edge” missile on Sunday – with leader Kim Jong Un beaming and applauding at the launch, according to CNN. The short range missiles, described as anti-ship, have a range of 124 miles and are for North Korea to defend its waters and “strongly react to any attempt of the enemy’s fleets of warships for military attack,” according to the country’s state-run KCNA news agency. Analysts describe these North Korean rockets as similar to Russia’s Kh-35E anti-ship missile. -S. Siciliano

Uber taxi service under speculation

Uber, the Internet-based ride-sharing company, has clashed with states and cities across the country in recent years as its business has expanded, according to the Hartford Courant. Traditional cab companies argue Uber should meet specific standards and regulations, including vehicle inspections and background checks – in order to “level the playing field” with other state transportation services. Uber representatives argue they already meet standards set by other states and communities, and wouldn’t object to “reasonable” regulations. According to the Hartford Courant, legislators are asking for a report of Uber’s operations in the state and elsewhere. -S. Siciliano