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Stay true to yourself


Another year has come and gone in the blink of an eye. A new year promises a fresh start, a clean slate, a blank page. It can be easy to stick to new year resolutions while at home because there aren’t many distractions, but once you’re back at school it can be hard.

An easy way to keep up with health and fitness resolutions is to attend fitness classes taught at the Mount Carmel and York Hill Fitness Centers. A variety of classes are offered each day.

A great way to end the weekend and start the week is with an hour of yoga which is offered on both campuses. When you’re looking for a mid-week energy boost, Spinning at York Hill is offered multiple times a day. A full list of classes can be found on MyQ under Athletics.

After working out, you may be wondering what you can eat to stay healthy. You may not have home cooked meals anymore, but you can still get a well-balanced meal at the cafeteria and local restaurants.

Keep in mind: you can have candy or chips from the cafeteria but everything should be in moderation. Enjoy a serving size of chips with an apple, or one ounce of cheese with celery sticks.

Eating healthy and buying groceries doesn’t have to be expensive. With just $10 you can buy oats, an avocado, Greek yogurt and sweet potatoes. The healthy options are endless.

However, New Year’s resolutions don’t need to stay centered around health and fitness. Think of other resolutions to keep throughout 2015. Other resolutions may be to read more books for pleasure, save money for a spring break trip, attend professors’ office hours or be on time.

A great way to stay on track is to keep notes on your laptop or in your agenda. A simple reminder goes a long way. But if you’re tech savvy, walking to class or waiting for your lunch date is time spent on your phone. There are apps you can download to help you stick to your resolution.

Your long-term resolution may be to stop texting your ex late Saturday nights. You need to download Drunk Lock. When the app is enabled, you won’t be able to send texts, tweets, Facebook messages or Snapchat messages unless you answer a series of math problems

During the spring semester you may be scheduling interviews for internships and jobs, planning events with organizations and working on class projects. Sunrise is an app that keeps you organized by integrating your Google Calendar, iCloud, or Exchange. The app also shows you faces and profiles of people you are meeting via LinkedIn.

After you’ve nailed that job interview thanks to Sunrise keeping you organized, you’re going to have to learn to save money. LearnVest is making personal financial planning affordable by connecting you with professionals who will monitor your spending and saving.

After all the time and energy you dedicated to celebrating with friends, getting the job, and sorting out your finances, it’s time to unwind. If your resolution is to chill out, download the app Calm. It has seven free guided meditations complete with relaxing sounds and nature scenes.

Any New Year’s resolution is achievable. Stay motivated and focused on your goal. 2015 has only just begun.


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