Update: Student hit by car on Sherman Ave.

Amanda Hoskins

A student was struck by a car at 4:30 a.m. on Oct. 5 near the entrance to the York Hill campus, according to a Hamden police report.

Junior Peter Lanwes was crossing Sherman Avenue when he was hit by a 39-year-old New Haven resident, according to the report. Police investigations show Lanwes was not using the crosswalk. The question of what he was doing at that time is still under investigation.

Both Lanwes and the driver of the vehicle were immediately transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital, with non life-threatening injuries.

Lanwes remained in the hospital Monday night. He has several bruises and cuts on his body as well as stitches in his chest. He currently cannot walk on his own because of the bruising on his left leg; however, he has been able to move using a walker, according to a post on Lanwes’ Facebook page.

Lanwes suffered a small skull fracture, but no nerve or spinal damage was found. Lanwes remained in the hospital until the doctors were sure no other issues would arise, but was scheduled to be released Tuesday morning.

“Despite all the injuries I am very very lucky,” Lanwes wrote in a Facebook post. “This accident could have gone so much worse and I don’t even have a broken bone to show for it.”

Lanwes is back at his home in Long Island. He is hoping to be back to classes on Monday, if things go as planned.

The investigation is still underway as to what led to the incident.