Five professors reinstated, AAUP “watching” university

Bryan Lipiner

Five of the 16 professors laid off last month have been reinstated, the New Haven Register reported Friday night.

Sixteen professors were laid off in May from “areas of declining enrollment.” Dates of the reinstatements are currently unknown.

In a letter to President John Lahey Tuesday, the Connecticut State Conference, American Association of University Professors said it has its eye on the university.

“We are not yet prepared to request that the national office undertake a formal investigation into these matters that could lead to censure or sanction of Quinnipiac, but we are continuing to monitor the events,” the Register reported.

The letter also said areas of declining enrollment may not be grounds for laying off professors.

“A decrease in undergraduate enrollment numbers would not normally constitute a severe financial crisis that cannot be alleviated by some other means,” the Register reported.

Furthermore, the Register reported the AAUP disapproved in the way the university communicated with faculty and notification of the cuts.

The university declined to comment.