University to appoint armed officers

Staff Reports

The university will appoint armed officers within the Public Safety Department over the next few months on all three campuses, according to administration.

Executive Vice President Marc Thompson announced on MyQ that these officers will be “senior public safety officers” and have been chosen based on “their substantial training and experience in federal and state law enforcement, the use of firearms and the use of force,” he said on MyQ.

“The decision to arm senior public safety officers was made in accordance with our belief that nothing is more important than maintaining the safety and security of all members of the University community,” Thompson said on MyQ.

Quinnipiac will follow the program modeled by other universities, such as Bucknell University and Robert Morris University, and with adherence to federal and state laws, Thompson said.

“The addition of senior public safety officers will not change the Department of Public Safety’s mission; it will only enhance Public Safety’s ability to provide a safe and secure environment,” Thompson said on MyQ.

The university plans to change the emergency guide to include these armed officers, and offer training on Blackboard and in-person sessions for students to know what to do in an emergency incident on campus.

“Participation in this training is imperative for each member of our community to understand precisely how to respond in the event of a threat on campus and also how to best utilize the safety measures which are in place,” Thompson said on MyQ.

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