News outside the Quinnipiac campus

Julia Perkins

Metro-North train derails

Four people passed away Sunday morning after a Metro North commuter train derailed in the Bronx, according to CNN. Of the 67 people injured, 19 remained in the hospital on Monday and three were in critical condition. The train was going 82 miles per hour around a 30 mile per hour curve when it crashed. The train’s engineer William Rockefeller said he applied the brakes, but the train did not slow down, according to CNN. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said speed led to the crash, but investigators said they have not found brake problems with the train and are still determining the cause of the crash, according to CNN.

Protests in Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens protested on Kiev’s Independence Square and blockaded the Cabinet Ministry after President Viktor Yanukovich’s did not sign a trade deal with the European Unionbecause of pressure from Russia, according to the New York Times. The protesters want Yanukovich to resign and called for a revolution. At first the protests were peaceful, but on Sunday the citizens used a bulldozer to get through a blockade outside the president’s administration building, according to CNN. Police used stun grenades, tear gas and batons on the citizens. Many were injured on both sides.

‘Knockout game’ comes to Hamden high

A 15-year-old Hamden High School student was arrested on Wednesday, Nov. 27 for allegedly punching a Hamden high senior on Nov. 22, according to NBC Connecticut. Police believe the attack was part of the “knockout game,” where someone chooses a random victim and punches him or her, trying to render him or her unconscious. New Haven police are investigating six cases imitating the “knockout game,” as well.