News outside the Quinnipiac campus

Amanda Hoskins

Tornadoes tear Midwest

Six people are dead and at least a few dozen are injured after powerful tornadoes wiped towns throughout the midwest on Sunday, according to CNN. More than 53 million people were at high-risk of being severely affected, according to NBC. Although Illinois was hit the hardest, the storm has also affected nine other states, leaving hundreds of thousands still without power on Monday. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn declared a disaster in seven different counties. The tornadoes left Tazewell county and other parts of Illinois in bare ruins. The storm was fast moving and pushed east through areas within minutes, leaving people little time to find shelter. The clean-up from the massive storm damages are now underway.

People question Project Longevity results

With 17 homicides thus far this year, people are beginning to question whether Project Longevity, a project to help contain violence, is working and how far it must go before it starts to see results, according to the New Haven Register. The Project was brought to Connecticut just one year ago. The main goal of the program is to get people to put down their guns. Any group that commits gun violence will receive full attention from the local, state and federal law enforcement groups to help the people slowly move away from the street violence. Many people involved with the program, including Mayor Toni Harp, say the program is here to stay and it will take time before change is seen.

Toronto mayor admits drug use; what’s next

After Toronto Mayor Rob Ford openly admitted to have smoked crack in the past, he told CNN news he will remain in office and let voters decide if they still support him in the election next year. Ford had been questioned about his drug use in the past, but he said he never lied to reporters, they just never asked him the right questions. Ford says he was by no means an addict and he knows what he did was wrong. After admitting to the drug use on Nov. 5, he is being further investigated and on Nov. 13 was asked to take a leave of absence, according to CNN.