Students speak up

Amanda Hoskins

With the primary elections coming to a close, we asked students whether they think it is more important to be aware of the politics and elections back home or here in Hamden.

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Governors of the East Coast

Connecticut Governor: Dannel Malloy

New Jersey Governor: Chris Christie

Massachusetts Governor: Deval Patrick

Rhode Island Governor: Lincoln Chafee

New Hampshire Governor: Maggie Hassan

New York Governor: Andrew Cuomo

Vermont Governor: Peter Shumlin

Maine Governor: Paul Lepage

 [media-credit name=”Madeline Hardy” align=”alignright” width=”300″]rachel[/media-credit]

“I mean eventually I think that I am going to live there [Vermont] again so I think it is more important to know what is going on there.” -Rachel Meagher, freshman, health sciences




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“I just don’t really care about politics here. I am from New York which is a bigger city and I think politics are more prevalent…I will probably move back to New York City in about a year and a half when I graduate.”  -Michael Obermuller, junior, communications



[media-credit name=”Madeline Hardy” align=”alignright” width=”300″]kate[/media-credit]

“I care more about what is going on back home because my family is there. I do care what is happening here but I care more about what is happening where my family is.” -Kate Lizotte, sophomore, public relations



[media-credit name=”Madeline Hardy” align=”alignright” width=”300″]sally[/media-credit]


“I think it is more important back home because that is my primary residence. Whatever goes on back home affects me immediately and whatever happens here affects me temporarily…I am not going to be staying here forever.” -Sally Elsakary, freshman, physical therapy

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“I think it is more important back home because I am there more often…I don’t think I will stay in Hamden after I graduate.” -Kacey Labar, freshman, journalism